The 7th Benin (West Africa) Chinese Commodities Fair 2015
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The 41st BAGHDA.. (2014-10-31)
DUBAI EXHIBITIO.. (2013-12-09)
CWS China international water supply and drainage and treatment Exhibition
water and sewage; membrane and membrane groupware; water pur...
the third Aquat.. (2009-11-22)
Dubai Energy, E.. (2009-11-22)
Saudi Agricult.. (2009-11-22)
AQUATECH INDIA .. (2009-11-22)

Established in 1993 as a corporation integrating foreign trade with industry, Zhejiang Teams International Economic & Technical Cooperation Co., Ltd.(ZTI) deals principally in ...
water pump
pump station
water supply network
assembly project
sewage treatment plant
desalination plant
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